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Personalized Luggage Straps

Spot your BAG in the crowd. Personalized luggage straps from® are machine embroidered with your name to help you find your luggage quickly. Visually challenged travelers find greater ease to locate their luggage on the baggage carousel. Each heavy duty strap snaps together with a durable quick release buckle. The 2" wide adjustable length straps are rugged yet attactive providing great coverage even over the largest of suitecases. The personalized luggage straps are made of super tough nylon and can handle the rough environment of automated and manual baggage handling. Personalized luggage straps from® are bright and visible helping you to easily identify your luggage as it comes into the baggage claim area. This is the one travel accessory that is durable, strong and attractive! Avoid the long lines of people trying to get their luggage and buy a personalized luggage strap from® and spot your luggage now! Also, available without personalization. Priced from $16.95.

Luggage Strap Colors to choose from

Pacific Blue Luggage Strap

Green Luggge Strap

Hot Pink Luggage Strap

Orange Luggage Strap

Purple Luggage Strap

True Red Luggage Strap

Screaming Yellow Luggage Strap

Neon Green Luggage Strap

Freedom Aqua Luggage Strap

Thread Colors Available





Hot Pink








Neon Green


The Colorado Special Edition

Colorado Special Edition from IDmyBag

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