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Custom Embroidering

Custom Luggage Straps Customize your luggage straps and/or your bag tags with your business logo or artwork. Restrictions apply. Specify that you would like a quote for custom embroidering.

Custom Bag Tags

Personalized Luggage Straps

Idmybag personalized Luggage straps Luggage straps from® are machine embroidered with your name to help you find your luggage quickly. Visually challenged travelers find greater ease to locate their luggage on the baggage carousel. Each heavy duty strap snaps together with a durable quick release buckle. The 2" wide adjustable length straps are rugged yet attactive.The universal straps are adjustable and may be lengthened or shortened with the adjustable slide

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Personalized Bag Tags

Idmybag personalized Bag Tag These attractive designs will easily help you identify your luggage, sport duffels (golf, ski, tennis, etc.) and other baggage quickly. Durable, high-impact heavy duty snap buckle, slider and sturdy woven strap. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Idmybag personalized luggage strapSelling personalized luggage straps online since 2005.® is a registered trade name officially on file with the Colorado Secretary of State. A patent is pending on the personalized luggage straps with the US Patent Office. In April, 2009, the trademark name® was approved as a registered trade name with the US Trademark Office.


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