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Personalized Luggage Straps/Tags

Submit new applications using IDmyBag products and WIN!!! Send a picture of your IDmyBag straps/tags in use and WIN a prize!

Yes, email us a picture of your IDmyBag Personalized Luggage Straps in use and be eligible to WIN! (email with the picture to

3 times a year April, August and December, we send the 1st place a FREE Bag Strap & 2nd Place a FREE Bag Tag. We will notify winners via email to reply with their strap/tag COLOR, Text COLOR and text name.

Here are some ideas of the other uses for the Personalized Luggage Straps:

  1. YOGA Straps
  2. Tie downs (i.e. on the beach identifying and reserving beach chairs)
  3. Tie downs to attached the towels and other possessions anchored to the beach chair, so they don’t blow away
  4. EMT / Emergency Caution belts around EMT bags
We will put the entries on the website so you can see them & ID the winners every year.
  1. File type should be gif or jpg.
  2. Please limit file size to 50kb.

Send your entries to

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